| April 26, 2012
Bad Veins – Dancing On TV

Ever wonder what Soul Train would look like if it were powered by modern indie-pop? Thanks to Cincinnati pair Bad Veins, we have the answer. The video for “Dancing on TV”, a cut off of the recently-released The Mess We’ve Made, opens with a minute and a half sequence featuring a spot-on recreation of a 70s living room. Complete with giant television cabinet, Atari, terrible color palettes and a bored teenager in knee-high tube socks, our main character flips through channels on her giant, clunky remote control as she happens upon a particular show just in time to catch Bad Veins performing amidst pastel-clad dancers. As the on-screen talent gets down so does our heroine, mimicking the moves alone in her living room as countless numbers of us have done before. The Mess We’ve Made is out now on Modern Outsider.

MP3: Bad Veins – Dancing On TV

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