| April 25, 2012
Purity Ring – Obedear

For you fans of the profoundly haunting, futuristic pop of Purity Ring, the band has a very exciting new release in “Obedear,” the first new track off their debut album, Shrines. While you try to contain your giddiness make sure you’re not doing anything on July 24th, because 4AD will be making Shrines rain. “Obedear” is an especially blippy and glitchy teaser of what’s to come from the Edmonton duo, and a sad reminder of how long three months can be. A full track list is available after the jump.

MP3:  Purity Ring – “Obedear”

Purity Ring – Shrines Tracklist:
1. Crawlersout
2. Fineshrine
3. Ungirthed
4. Amenamy
5. Grandloves
6. Cartographist
7. Belispeak
8. Saltkin
9. Obedear
10. Lofticries
11. Shuck

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