| May 16, 2012
The District Attorneys – Slowburner

The Atlanta-Athens corridor is a two-way musical train-track overloaded with talented cargo. Last month, The District Attorneys, a five-piece, hopped aboard with their full-length debut Slowburner. The DA’s, like their new record, embody what makes my beloved South so great—they are simple yet sophisticated, soulful yet rough-hewn. With that subtle sentimentality a la Alex Chilton and Big Star, but with a little more Stones-esque rock ‘n’ roll get-up and a splash of Yim Yames’ psychedelia, I think The District Attorneys are on their way to big things. But for now, Slowburner, with its foot-tapping “our-sound-in-a-nutshell” opening title track, plus reverb-ladened gems like “California Fire” and the dreamy “Cherry Glow,” has plenty for listeners to enjoy. Check out the tracks below, and hop on over here to procure the whole album if you feel so inclined.

STREAM: The District Attorneys – “Madison Row”

STREAM: The District Attorneys – “Cherry Glow”

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