Feature | June 30, 2016
11 New Artists You Need To Know

OLSSON – Hold On (Ft. Mapei)

While the moniker may be new, Christian Olsson has been at it for a while now as the frontman for Fibes, Oh Fibes! His debut solo effort “Hold On,” which features fellow Swede Mapei, is a groovy noir-pop tune that channels Peter Bjorn & John and Electric Guest.

olsson fibes oh fibes


Goss – I Want To Know?????

We got immediate Liss vibes after listening to Goss‘ “I Want To Know?????” Turns out the track was co-produced with Vera of the Danish pop outfit. And that’s a very good thing.

goss music


VOKES – Backroad (Ft. Nevve)

There’s nothing quite like a well-executed boy-girl back and forth. VOKES and Nevve pull it off on the swirling electro-pop of “Backroad.”



Esbie Fonte – Yesterday’s News

There’s a lot going on in Esbie Fonte‘s “Yesterday’s News,” but the San Francisco up-and-comer manages to bend it all into a quiet, beautiful tune.

esbie fonte


Basement Revolver – Words

A dreamy, sprawling guitar tune that, believe it or not, was inspired by Basement Revolver frontwoman Chrisy Hurns’ experiences writing her psychology thesis. “Words are just words.”

basement revolver


Slowes – I Need You

Slowes “I Need You” is a somber pop tune that plays like a synthy, psychedelic spin on Tobias Jesso Jr. Lots of good stuff happening here.



Compton White – Track 2

You won’t hear a word uttered on Compton White‘s “Track 2,” but this dreamy, beat-driven instrumental track is one of our favorite listens of the week.

compton white


Ex Reyes – Bad Timing

You wouldn’t know it from listening, but Ex Reyes is a member of Bleachers’ touring outfit. His new solo track “Bad Timing” brings together the best of pop, psychedelia, blues and jazz.

ex reyes music


Jacq Becker – Till I Think About You

Forgetting about past loves can be tough. Sometimes it inspires beautiful pop tunes like Jacq Becker‘s “Till I Think About You.”

jacq becker


biLLLy – Can’t Blame

There are some soulful left-field Jai Paul-level sounds coming out of “Can’t Blame,” the latest from London upstart biLLLy. Get into it.

billly music


Bury The Wren – I’m Happy

Philly’s Bury The Wren close out this week’s feature with some darker Portishead-inspired fare, “I’m Happy.”

bury the wren