Feature | June 7, 2016
9 New Artists You Need To Know

Felix Pallas – Curse

Felix Pallas might be new but they’ve already caught plenty of ears, Zane Lowe’s included. Their latest tune premiered on his radio show today and packs the cinematic punch of M83.

felix pallas


Blacktop Queen – Blackout

An infectious rock tune fueled by some break-ups, both of the personal and band varieties. Some hints of grunge à la Superheaven.

blacktop queen


Mothlight – Day/Night

Mothlight‘s “Day/Night” is all about lost love but this anthemic dream-pop tune has got us inspired to do something about it.

mothlight band


Adam Torres – High Lonesome

Adam Torres has been making music for a good while now. Over a decade actually. “High Lonesome,” a beautiful folk tune, is the first we’ve heard from him and will be appearing on his next album Pearls To Swine, out this September via Fat Possum.

adam torres music


Chymes – Clouds

We featured Chymes on ATG earlier this year but we’re going to go ahead and do it again. Their latest tune “Clouds” is a sweet pop lullaby that should appeal to Oh Wonder fans. Don’t worry, it won’t put you to sleep.

chymes music


Midnight – Native America (Ft. The Internet)

A jazzy future-soul number that looks back at our nation’s dark history¬†with some support from Odd Future offshoot The Internet.

midnight music


BIYO – Seasons

A repeat appearance from BIYO. But for good reason: you should, in fact, know them. Their latest tune “Seasons” is funky electro-pop heaven.

biyo music


Caro – Cold Comfort

Experimental indie rock with a pop edge. An unexpected cross between Glass Animals, Everything Everything and Mystery Jets. Interesting indeed.

caro band


Rosemary Fairweather – Chemicals

Toronto dream pop that plays on the gloomy side but for some reason has the complete opposite effect on us.

rosemary fairweather music