Feature | April 12, 2016
9 New Artists You Need To Know

Jadu Heart – Warm Magic

Step through the looking glass with this highlight from Jadu Heart. The mysterious twosomes Wonderflower is the stuff dreams are made of. “Warm Magic” is a particularly good one.

jadu heart


Marquis Compressor – Universal

We know this isn’t Jai Paul but it sure sounds a lot like Jai Paul. Is it Jai Paul? It cant be. We’re not so sure anymore. There’s no information here to prove otherwise. Great tune either way.

marquis compressor music


Steady Holiday – Open Water

Though she’ll be playing Sundays at Coachella this year, Steady Holiday is a new one for us. The L.A. artist’s latest track “Open Water” is a delicate psych-pop tune that’s equal parts Cat Power, Portishead and Tame Impala.

steady holiday


Luna Shadows – Cherry

Luna Shadows isn’t going to be new to most people for much longer. The L.A. songstress has been doing quite well on Spotify with only three tracks to her name. The latest of these is “Cherry” a sweet synth-pop tune that reminds us of Say Lou Lou‘s finest.

luna shadows


Jens Kuross – Nobody’s Problem

Jens Kuross has the name of somebody you should know. The London artist, however, is new to us and we are surely glad to have met. Enjoy “Nobody’s Problem,” a somber piano tune that evokes ANOHNI and Mumford.

jens kuross


BOYBOY – None Of Your Love

Quirky mysterious pop from L.A. and New Zealand. After you check out their latest track “None Of Your Love,” jump here to give “Boy” a listen.



TEN BEARS – Falling

Schoolyard synth-pop all the way from Madrid that’s got us thinking about Tigertown, The Go! Team and Architecture In Helsinki. Fun times, for sure.

ten bears music


KYLYPSO – Mean 2 You

It can be a chore sifting through all the alt-soul-RB-pop-what-have-you tunes out there. Were going to save you some work and tell you that KYLYPSO‘s debut track “Mean 2 You” is worth a listen. For fans of HONNE.



Giungla – Sands

Heres another Jungle for you guys to keep an eye on. This Italian artist’s latest is “Sand,” a haunting pop crescendo with xx-era guitars that you’re sure to dig.

giungla music


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