| December 10, 2013
A-Trak & Oliver – Zamboni


Few artists could lay claim to the title best DJ in the world. Maybe that’s because there aren’t as many people calling themselves DJs these days, or maybe it’s because A-Trak has had a death grip on the position for what seems like as long as anyone can remember. Now with his record label Fool’s Gold, the Canadian turntablist has been able to spread his dance groove sensibilities further than ever before.

On new track “Zamboni,” he collaborates with duo Oliver, and the results are impressive. A thumping beat pulses throughout the track and slowly builds with different layers of drums being added, but the main event here is the synths. The synth riff forms the spine of the song and could turn any space into a darkly lit club (or ice rink, as the title might suggest). Dance, bop your head, whatever, just turn the volume up, this is a ribcage rattler. ¬†Check it out below.

STREAM: A-Trak & Oliver – “Zamboni”

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