| March 1, 2013
A$AP Rocky – F***in’ Problems (Willy Joy Remix)

“F***in’ Problems,” the all-star A$AP Rocky track featuring verses from 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and the unexpectedly scene-stealing Drake, has been my go-to struggle music since last December. It’s a flawlessly aggressive little nugget, guaranteed to pound out lingering hangovers or seasonal blues. But when my repeat listens led me to start hearing “Behind These Hazel Eyes” in A$AP’s bassline, it became a real f***in’ problem – that is, until Chicago DJ Willy Joy dropped this 100 Boners Per Minute (his words; great words) remix on one of his Free Willy Wednesdays. He straps the track to a ticking snare, doom-and-gloom warehouse synth and two monstrous rave breakdowns. No room for Kelly in this beast. Stream it below.

STREAM: A$AP Rocky – “F***in’ Problems (Willy Joy Remix)”