New | August 17, 2017
Acid Tongue
If I Really Loved Her

Label: Freakout Records   Genre:   Sounds Like: the growlers, Polaris

Acid Tongue 1

With endless tours and two EPs under their belts, modern troubadours Acid Tongue is sharing “If I Really Loved Her”, a taste of their highly anticipated full length. Blending watery strings and vocals that listen like readings from a journal, the band demonstrate both instrumental prowess and respect for their musical heritage as the sons of psychedelic forebears. Catchy to the core, “If I Really Loved Her” is the perfect cut from the dreamlike, almost sci-fi masterpiece and is marked in bold for us this week. Their debut full length record, Babies, is out October 13th on Freakout and available for pre-order here. Listen below.

On the new single, frontman Guy Keltner says, “I wrote ‘If I Really Loved Her’ in one sitting, on a patio in the woods outside of Spokane, WA. I was in the process of uprooting my life in Seattle and moving to Brooklyn. I lost my job, I lost a lot of my friends, and I was flat broke. I’m still flat broke. But I was with someone who believed in what I was doing and stuck it out with me during a really difficult period of my life. This song is a love note to that kind of loyalty. We don’t choose who we love, but we do choose who we stick with when things get rough.”

Tour Dates:


8/28 – Boston, MA – Zuzu Bar
9/1 – New York, NY – Berlin
9/2 – Brooklyn, NY – Alphaville
9/19 – Brooklyn, NY – The Gateway (Euro Tour Kickoff)

9/27 – Brighton, UK – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
9/28 – Hull, UK – ADELPHI
9/29 – London, UK – The Shackwell Arms
9/30 – Portsmouth, UK – The Birdcage
10/1 – Cambridge, UK – Blue Moon

10/2 – Bruxelles, BE – Le Chaff
10/3 – Mannheim, DE – Kurzbar
10/7 – Biarritz, FR – Savsage Festival
10/10 – San Sebastian, ES – DabaDaba
10/12 – Lisbon, PT – Damas
10/13 – Porto, PT – Mas Habitos (Babies LP Release Party)
10/14 – Sevilla, ES – Sala X
10/16 – Toulouse, FR – La Cave a Rock
10/17 – Imperia, IT – Arci Camalli
10/18 – Firenze, IT – Annibale Night @ NOF
10/19 – Roma, IT – Fanfulla 5/A
10/20 – Perugia, IT – T-Trane

11/3 – Reno, NV – Off Beat Festival
11/4 – Reno, NV – Off Beat Festival (2nd Chance)
11/17 – Seattle, WA – Freakout Festival
11/18 – Seattle, WA – Freakout Festival

Acid Tongue
If I Really Loved Her