Feature | October 14, 2014
Adult Education: Ambrosia

ambrosia band

It was not every prog rock group – even in the 70’s – that might be inspired by the Beach Boys, CSN&Y and King Crimson, discovered by Zubin Mehta and have one of their first hits with lyrics by Kurt Vonnegut. But that was Ambrosia and they also once set to music a bit of the story of the Jabberwock from Alice in Wonderland. And if you might find progressive rock a bit heavy and ponderous at times, Ambrosia was always crisp and clean. Their music tended more towards straight rock over the years (they still tour) but it was always there. Their first album showcased their harmonies, well-crafted music and soaring inspirations. Try “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” (with Vonnegut’s lyrics) and “Holdin’ On to Yesterday.” And for a more rocking bonus from their 2nd album: “Can’t Let a Woman.” As Kurt said, “so many people in the same device.”