Feature | October 24, 2014
Adult Education: Caravan

caravan band prog 70s

Warning: This may be my most obscure offering yet. Back in the ’70s, a local Pittsburgh FM rock station used to play a Six-Pack of new albums every Saturday at midnight (sponsored by the local head shop). I’d get my 8-track, and later cassette, tapes rolling and record the ones I liked. First generation “downloads,” you might say. One night in 1973, they did Caravan‘s “For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night.” It hit my spot and I’ve played it ever since.

Caravan was a prog group but from the Canterbury side. That meant sometimes psychedelic and sometimes Olde English folksy. The band’s membership changed a lot and the only album I liked was that first one I heard. The cuts I offer here come from that. I have no idea what, if anything, “C’thlu Thlu” means but the song is a bit spooky and quite suitable for this season. “Hoedown” is more of a straight rocker (and includes cowbells!). Happy Halloween.