Adult Education | July 8, 2014
Adult Education: Peter Frampton

peter frampton comes alive

I never liked Humble Pie. Was too heavy metal, indeed a progenitor of that rock genre. And maybe neither did Peter Frampton. He left the group in 1971 and went in what might be called a rocker-crooner solo direction. He had played guitar with George Harrison and labored in the rock fields for a good while before his breakthrough Frampton Comes Alive! (FCA) album in 1975. While I was never a great fan of Frampton, that album was a big hit and a number of his songs lodged their way in the rock halls of fame and in my brain. Still good after all these years. Frampton himself is still making music and will be playing DC tonight at the Lincoln Theatre. His 2012 FCA! 35 Tour CD shows he’s going strong. Try “Show Me the Way” from the original FCA set below.