Adult Education | July 25, 2014
Adult Education: Searchers

the searchers adult education

First, hats off to last weeks excellent post by Oliver on Neil Young‘s On the Beach. Inspired me to start off my trip back to Jersey this weekend (for a high school reunion) with that album followed by Tonight’s the Night. And speaking of Jersey, that’s where I was in the ’60s when the Four Seasons and Beach Boys began giving way to the British invasion. In that invasion, and also coming out of Liverpool with The Beatles, were The Searchers. The Searchers even beat The Dave Clark Five onto the US charts. They mostly covered other people’s tunes and perhaps their biggest hit was their version of “Love Potion Number Nine.” My favorite was “Needles and Pins,” which relies for its key rhymes on just adding an “a” sound where needed. And by the way, this song ties almost directly back into Neil Young. It was originally written by Sonny Bono and Jack Nitzsche. Nitzsche later collaborated with Young and performed with Crazy Horse. Give it a listen below.