Feature | December 2, 2014
Adult Education: Uriah Heep

uriah heep

There was a time when magic was in the air. Literally. When we exhaled. Then we wanted music to take us into invisible realms, far into spacetime. The ultimate in those days was Pink Floyd (which I will return to at some point from deeper than the Dark Side). Uriah Heep was one of the first heavy metal or prog groups and hit their stride in the early ’70s. It may be that UH is an acquired taste, certainly with their long turns (like “The Magician’s Birthday” from the 1973 album of the same name). But what the heck, I’m offering up pieces from the deep recesses of my neural network. Ones that still echo and I still listen to and even get the entirely legal “flashback.” The first three cuts below are from Demons and Wizards (1972). They work, for me at least, as a unit and are the first three cuts from the album. (Ever play that game? The progenitor of all such.)

BTW, Uriah Heap still tours – with whatever line-up they have now – and will be in DC in February.