New | July 18, 2016
Against Me! – 333

Against Me! just announced their seventh studio album, Shape Shift With Me. With the announcement comes the record’s first single, “333.” It begins with one of the best lines in Against Me! history, “Feeling like I need to fall down some stairs.” It’s a healthy dose of black humor on what is one of the poppier songs the band has released.

Fans of Laura Jane Grace‘s songwriting are going to love “333,” in which she manages to fit an unreal amount of words and syllables into just three minutes. “Planned views and elevations walking through your terror garden / Visible mutations fading right before your fucking eyes / Cycles of death and regeneration, sensations of absence and loss / You should’ve been there by my side to see it all,” Laura sings, all without barely taking a breath. Give the track a listen above.