| June 12, 2013
Air Zaire – Full Moon: Mix De Lune

Full Moon Main Flyer

Do you ever experience DJ anxiety? Do thoughts like “will my playlist be good enough?”, “OMG! WHAT SHOULD I PUT ON NEXT?”, “does this song reflect the current state of my friends’ inebriated minds?” or “will someone catch onto my early-90’s references!?” echo through your head? Fear no more, sweet children. Air Zaire has whipped up a summer mix in celebration of the upcoming Full Moon festival in NYC this month. Complete with ATG favorites Tanlines, The Knocks, Little Daylight, Miami Horror, Wild Belle and more, this is one set of tunes that guarantee a good time.

In line with the groovy, tropical vibes of the event, the playlist is loaded with island-influenced drums, swinging disco beats and delicious remixes, including Cyril Hahn’s remix of “Say My Name.” If we’ve learned anything, it’s that if you’re going to mess with the Lady B, it better be flawless. Mission accomplished, Cyril. With nu disco, chill house and few hip hop jams for a good measure, just press play and let your DJ anxiety melt away. Stream the mix below.

To see all these artists and more — including a bunch of our favorites playing on a Neon Gold-curated stage — in action, buy your tickets for Full Moon here, ditch your shoes and head over to Governors Beach Club on Saturday, June 22nd for one incredible party.

STREAM: Air Zaire – Full Moon: Mix de Lune