| February 18, 2013
Alabama Shakes – Always Alright

It’s been a big year for the Alabama Shakes. From touring with Jack White to last weekend’s SNL gig, the group has rolled into 2013 with a fury. The Athens four-piece continues its hot streak with a new track, “Always Alright,” which appears on the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack. The song is more fast-stepping than their previous work, trotting lightly through its bars, though Brittany Howard’s trademark gravelly wail is still a major player here. It’s always great to hear more from this band as it packs more TV appearances and Grammy nominations under its belt, especially when the end result is as good as this.

Stream “Always Alright” below or download it through ATO Records’ Soundcloud for a limited time.

DOWNLOAD: Alabama Shakes – Always Alright