| September 28, 2012
Alabama Shakes – I Ain’t The Same

One of the best parts of a live show is hearing the ways a band rearranges their songs for the stage. Slight kinks in the guitars and alterations to the rhythms can enhance the experience as well as give new life to a recorded track that’s been played countless times on repeat. The Alabama Shakes took that approach with their first video, using an alternate arrangement for “Hold On” that stemmed from a prior appearance on KEXP, and have continued this trend with “I Ain’t The Same.”

The Alabama Shakes are phenomenal live, and have once again chosen to highlight that with no cinematics or story lines; just three minutes and twenty-one seconds of the group tearing it up. The song was re-recorded for this video and features a slightly slower build-up in the intro with a richer guitar sound. Throughout the track, Brittany Howard throws little tweaks into her delivery while maintaining the rich explosiveness that transports the Shakes into that next level of awesome. “I Ain’t The Same” is one of the best tracks from the band’s excellent debut album, Boys and Girls, and like Howard sings, this song ain’t the same no more. And we’re better off because of that.

STREAM: Alabama Shakes – “I Ain’t The Same”