| August 2, 2011

Summer has been upon us for over a month now, and, if you’re a resident of D.C. like we are, it’s been a brutal one. Record setting temperatures have left me sticking to backs of chairs and taking an abnormal amount of showers. It hasn’t been all bad though, as the season brings about a change in my listening habits. Quiet introspective folk takes a back seat to shimmery Summer synths and just plain feel-good music.

Join us then, as we share our favorite electro-tinged anthems in part one of two Summer mixtapes. The All Things Go Electrosummer Mixtape contains gems from Summer stalwarts Delorean, Washed Out, and St. Lucia, and is bound to have something for everyone. Enjoy!

.ZIP: All Things Go Electrosummer Mixtape [follow link]

MP3: 01) St. Lucia – “All Eyes On You”
MP3: 02) Washed Out – “Eyes Be Closed”
MP3: 03) MillionYoung – “Sentimental”
MP3: 04) Delorean – “Simple Graces”
MP3: 05) Caribou – “Sun (Pyramid Remix)”
MP3: 06) The Sound of Arrows – “M.A.G.I.C.”
MP3: 07) Class Actress – “Keep You”
MP3: 08) Deradoorian – “You Carry The Deed (Hidden Cat Remix)”
MP3: 09) Lemonade – “Big Weekend (Delorean Remix)”
MP3: 10) Pnau – “Baby (Breakbot Remix)”