| June 19, 2012
All Things Go Endless Summer Mixtape

Summer isn’t officially upon us until tomorrow, but the weather and my wardrobe have already begun to reflect everyone’s favorite season. As the clothes get skimpier and the sweat stains get nastier, so changes our musical listening habits. Warm synths and breezy melodies are the flavors du jour, and with that, we present the All Things Go Endless Summer Mixtape. The mixtape is a collaborative effort between me and ATG staff writer Emma, which marks the first time that I’ve ceded any control of the song choices, so you know this mix is all sorts of amazing. Pop the Endless Summer Mix into your listening device of choice and head to the beach (or poolside), because you’re about to experience through-the-roof vibes for miles.

Warning: Sunscreen not included.

.ZIP: All Things Go Endless Summer Mixtape [mediafire]

MP3: 01) Ph├Ędre – “In Decay”
MP3: 02) Alpine – “Heartlove (Fishing Remix)”
MP3: 03) Rafter – “No Fucking Around”
MP3: 04) POP ETC – “Halfway To Heaven”
MP3: 05) Summer Heart – “Third Wave”
MP3: 06) Kennedy – “Karate”
MP3: 07) Crystal Fighters – “Teeo (Crystal Fighters Remix)”
MP3: 08) Body Language – “Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix)”
MP3: 09) Goldroom – Fifteen (Ft. Chela)”
MP3: 10) Youth Lagoon – “Cannons”
MP3: 11) Chrome Canyon – “Suspended in Gaffa (Ft. Phoebe Oglesbee)”