| January 24, 2011

Winter is in full swing nationwide, with all but one state coated in a layer of snow over the past two weeks, and temperatures below freezing here in the nation’s capital. While I, for one, can’t wait for Spring’s warm sunlight, it’s still best to make the most with what you’re given, so with that we give you the All Things Go North Woods Mixtape. Every year, my family and I would go to my grandmother’s cabin in the north woods of Minnesota on beautiful West Bearskin Lake. No running water, outhouse in the back, and a mere 20 feet from a pristine lake with only about 20 neighbors in a ten mile radius. Simply put, it’s my most tranquil vacation. Artists like Bon Iver, Damien Jurado, and Beach House paint a perfect backdrop for the cold winter, while others like Ryan Lewis and Ellie Goulding tackle songs from artists that capture the emotion of the chilliest season. As usual, the tracks are available individually below, as well as in a .zip file.

Also note that this mixtape could have just been the entire Bon Iver album For Emma, Forever Ago, but I felt that would’ve kinda sorta been cheating.

.ZIP: All Things Go North Woods Mixtape [mediafire]

MP3: 01) Radical Face – “Welcome Home”
MP3: 02) The Antlers – “Bird Bank”
MP3: 03) Styrofoam – “Couches in Alleys (ft. Ben Gibbard)”
MP3: 04) The Radio Dept. – “Strange Things Will Happen”
MP3: 05) Beach House – “Zebra”
MP3: 06) Ellie Goulding – “The Wolves”
MP3: 07) Bon Iver – “Re: Stacks”
MP3: 08) Damien Jurado – “Ohio”
MP3: 09) Lost on Purpose – “Love Is Not Enough”
MP3: 10) Ryan Lewis – “Fake Empire (ft. Macklemore)”