| July 19, 2011
ALL THINGS GOLD 001 Preview: Brenton Duvall

All Things Go and Brenton Duvall are a match made in heaven. We were both born and raised in the district (or thereabouts), we both love the Washington Redskins, and we all share an appreciation for infectious pop melodies and anthemic hip-hop. We differ in one area, however–talent: Brenton has it, and we don’t. Rather than put a picture of his face on a dartboard and express our jealousy by hurling darts at it (which we wont do simply because our aim sucks), we’ve come to accept his keen ear for cutting edge indie-pop/hip-hop mash-ups and his innovative productions. His collaborations with another DMV favorite, Beau Young Prince, as well as previously-discussed Philadelphian Tayyib Ali, have consistently climbed to the top of the hype machine popular lists and have been blasted into the ears of frat kids and hipsters across the nation.

Lucky for us, we were able to secure Brenton for our first ever All Things Go + Neon Gold club night this Thursday, July 21st at U St. Music Hall. Tickets are still available (HERE) so come on by and catch Brenton on the one’s and two’s alongside live acts Penguin Prison and Reptar, and fellow DJ/producers RAC.

STREAM: Young Prince – “Strange Times (Prod. Brenton Duvall)”

STREAM: Brenton Duvall – “Blow the Skrilla (Too $hort)”

STREAM: Brenton Duvall – “Against a Mad World”