| July 20, 2012
All Things Gold One Year Anniversary Preview: Vacationer

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Morocco? Las Vegas? Tel Aviv? You might think that one of these Top 25 destinations is where you’d like to be next week, but you’d be WRONG. Those places are expensive and/or dangerous and/or it takes forever to get there. And really, who has that kind of cash or bulletproof vest access or time? Good news though, we have a solution for you, one that’s neither expensive, nor dangerous, nor inconveniently located in the middle of a desert. Next Friday’s All Things Gold One Year Anniversary is just the staycation destination you’ve been jonesing for since the heat wave set in and everyone else left the city for more clement climates. A hop, skip, and a metro ride from home, the 9:30 Club will play host to the baker’s dozenth of ATG’s favorite dance party series, and this time the bill is unprecedentedly epic.

Among the all-star lineup we have Vacationer, the Philly-based collaborative effort of Matt Young and Grant Wheeler of Body Language who co-write and produce Vacationer’s music with Kenny Vasoli. After hitting the ground with last summer’s EP, Gone, the band has been (ironically enough given their name) running ever since, with the release of their first full-length album of the same name in March and subsequent stop at SXSW garnering some serious indie cred. With enough sun-soaked energy to power a yacht cruise through the Caribbean, Vacationer’s easy, sea-breezy vibe will transport you to a tropical paradise that won’t break the bank or give you melanoma. Until the big day, stay tuned for more info on the show, stock up on zinc oxide for the big night, and buy your tickets now and stop delaying that big trip.

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STREAM: Vacationer – “Good As New”

STREAM: Vacationer – “Trip”