New | April 15, 2016
AlunaGeorge and Flume Team Up On “I Remember”

Taste is a hard thing to pin down. Most of us think we have taste and, honestly, don’t we all? The fact that an endless multiplicity of things can be described as good is indicative. So if we say “I Remember” is a good track with a good video, does that mean much?

In this case yes because it is the result of a collaboration between great artists: AlunaGeorge and Flume. How appropriate that a song about memory references all these memory-triggering ideas in video and sound. Over in the corner is a pink flamingo, which then reminds us of Pink Flamingos, the truly distasted John Waters cult film. The bedroom is really where the mind is when it recounts all those small meaningful gestures in the aftermath of a relationship. But maybe AlunaGeorge was paying homage to another Brit, Tracey Emin, an artist who broke through with a piece called The Bed. AlunaGeorge manages to once again bask in the timelessness of emotional distraction without losing us, because of course we get it, we have taste. Idk, but listen below.

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