New | July 26, 2017
Alvvays share intimate “Dreams Tonite”

Alvvays 1

Alvvays‘ “Dreams Tonite,” the second single for the upcoming Antisocialites, finds the band inching closer to the sonic territory of Frankie Cosmos. The song opens with a subdued keyboard intro, which plays out almost identically to “Young” from Frankie Cosmos’s 2015 EP Fit Me In. But where Greta Kline’s project strives for subdued intimate tracks, Alvvays manages to create surprisingly powerful choruses out of their minimalism. While the song does retain the guitars and choruses that made their first album so indelible, it finds the band pushing forward in a new direction.

When Alvvays released “Archie, Marry Me” in 2014, it seemed impossible to ignore the legacy of the then-recently disbanded Vivian Girls on the young band. Their noisy brand of lo-fi pop has been reverberating across indie scenes throughout the decade, and on their second single it somehow fused with a monster hook to create a gem of solid indie pop. While this follow up trades that lo-fi jangle for a more subdued effort, the hooks still remain. Antisocialites is out September 8th on Polyvinyl. Listen below.