| March 17, 2014
Amtrac – Don’t Know (Ft. Posso)


Louisville’s finest deep house production vehicle, Amtrac, is pulling into the groove station hard on this fresh cut from the OWSLA records wunderkind, with a dime from dance music dynamos POSSO. If you’re like me, and random house cuts rarely grab your heart & soul on first listen, “Don’t Know” may prove a pleasant exception. Just peep the waveform graphic on the track for gosh sakes – it’s a joyfully rendered, perpetually oscillating amusement park of a song, keeping you entertained with its constant sonic ebbs and flows. Like kindred spirits Duck Sauce, Amtrac has a great ear for vocal chops and a knack for showing the listener just how much fun these trips can be when you have a capable conductor at the helm. This isn’t the northeast regional we’re talking about here, it’s the Acela. Stream “Don’t Know” below.

STREAM: Amtrac – “Don’t Know (Ft. POSSO)”