| February 10, 2011

I’ve held off posting on Anamanaguchi, afraid that my occasional indulgences in chipcore are merely relapses back to a silly gimmick.  I can restrain myself no longer.  There’s a reason I keep coming back to these 8-bit maestros: they actually make some kick-ass music!  Sure, you can say chipcore is tailored to the nerd masses because, let’s be honest, it is.  But Anamanaguchi take it to the next level, pumping out complex, infectious, blipped-out masterpieces that can hold their own against more traditional pieces of work.  I am beyond disappointed that I missed these guys when they stopped by DC a few months ago, so Anamanaguchi, please come back.  “Airbrushed” and “Aurora (Meet Me In The Stars)” are available below for you to download, but I highly recommend heading over to their website, if not to download the other singles and remixes they post up for FREE every two weeks, then at least to check out the beyond awesome album artwork.

MP3: Anamanaguchi – “Airbrushed”
MP3: Anamanaguchi – “Aurora (Meet Me In The Stars)”