Video | July 1, 2016
Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

The fire is still burning in Angel Olsen, and if anything, it’s growing stronger. Her second release off of her upcoming album, “Shut Up Kiss Me,” is a song that demands attention. Olsen’s vocals are playful and passionate, with guitar chords matching the punch. Singing to a lover that isn’t listening, the song grows in intensity until it reaches its final piercing notes and fades out, leaving you hoping that her pleas are met. Along with a music video reminiscent of a 70’s horror movie, the imagery compliments the song perfectly. Olsen brazenly stares at the viewer, existing alone in a car and roller rink until mystery bodies pull her away. Whether it be the video or song, you can’t help but want to shut up and do anything Angel Olsen tells you to.

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