New | December 1, 2015
Animal Collective – FloriDada

Animal Collective returns to our lives after 3 years since 2012’s Centipede Hz with a new single, “FloriDada,” the first from the upcoming Painting With LP. One would think that the trio (Deakin appears to be on the sidelines for this release as was the case on Merriweather Post-Pavilion) would need some time to find their form again.

“FloriDada” indicates that the A.C. we all know and love never really left even amidst their many side projects. The song chugs along with a thick drum beat and handclaps while Avey Tare and Panda Bear do call and response in different registers. There’s a deluge of sonic activity with synths and keys and oohing background vocals, but the song maintains its structure and sunny disposition amid the chaos, not unlike the avant-garde movement that’s referenced in the title. The band even cheekily nods to the oft-made comparisons to the Beach Boys with a brief sample of the famous laugh intro of “Wipe Out.” That mesmerizing chorus of “Flori- Flori- Flori- Flori- Florida FloriDada FloriDada” becomes something like a mantra by the end.

Most strangely, it’s a poppy tune that wouldn’t be out of place on the white beaches of the titular Sunshine State, where summer only stops for hurricanes. Listen above.