New | January 18, 2018
ANNALIA returns to roots on “Wavelength”


We’re going back to the days of soul-reaching pop and LA’s own ANNALIA is driving. Her latest single, “Wavelength”, lives up to its name by locking into erratic heartbeats formed from memories both happy and painful. Cut from her forthcoming 5-track EP, this single is a clear cut sign of pop’s future, giving us hope in times of uncertainty. Listen below.



On the new single, ANNALIA writes, “’Wavelength’ is a personal song I wrote during my first trip to New York City. It tells the story of riding on a mutual and unspoken wavelength with someone and the fear/hesitancy that can follow in its footsteps. When you connect with someone on a deeper level than just friendship, it can be scary pushing past that barrier and diving in head-first. Even if it seems the stars may have aligned just right for the both of you, a moment of contemplation by one party is to be expected… and a little convincing by the other never hurt anybody.”

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