| October 25, 2012
ANR – Fear’s A Man’s Best Friend (John Cale Cover)

Awesome New Republic (a.k.a. ANR) must be huge fans of Halloween. The trio will be releasing an All Hallows Eve mixtape on their website and are doing a tribute to Tobe Hooper in Midtown Miami on Sunday night. Included as part of all of this is a cover of John Cale’s “Fear’s A Man’s Best Friend.” The bright piano of Cale’s version mixes well with Hancock and Robertson’s baritone, emphatic near-mubles, and when the drums kick in, the song elevates to ANR’s usual breed of anthemic celebration rock. The keys are accentuated, the vocal highs elevated even higher, and where Cale’s chaotic ending sounds like a descent into madness, ANR’s sounds more like a party reaching its apex.

Enjoy this Halloween treat and make sure to check out their entire Tobe Hooper tribute album after this weekend.

STREAM: ANR – “Fear’s A Man’s Best Friend”