Playlist | May 6, 2016
Artist Playlist: Beware of Darkness


Cali rockers Beware of Darkness dropped by our site to curate a playlist of the songs that engage, inspire and effect their music.

A note from the band on these selections:

Every now and then when I hear a new song, something magic happens. I hear it for the first time, and the sound of it, just, the pure physicality of it, hits me in the soul, and it’s so spiritual, and almost viscerally overpowering. Then I obsessively listen to it on repeat for like a week. 

It’s almost like a drug, the feeling the song gives me is so intoxicating and has such a physical and spiritual effect on me, I can’t get enough. It offers some sort of sanctuary in a way, and a feeling of safely. 
This playlist is full of songs that had that effect on us, and are all very dear to our souls.   
Beware of Darkness will be playing at LA’s Resident on Monday, May 9th.