Playlist | October 17, 2016
Artist Playlist: Ethan Burns

ethan burns

Soulful troubadour Ethan Burns is this week’s Artist Playlist curator. You may remember him from when we covered his amazing debut, “Homeward.”  For his playlist, Ethan chose his favorite songs that are used in hip-hop samples.

Here’s what Burns had to say about this playlist:

I’m a big fan of hip-hop, especially old school hip-hop where soul was a huge element. This is a collection of classic songs that were sampled to make new classics. My goal is to create music that hip-hop producers want to sample. Hip-Hop has changed because of lawsuits, but before sample clearance was a big issue, there was a lot of magic being created by taking pieces of soul songs, chopping them up or manipulating them to give new meanings to the original songs. 


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