| July 3, 2012
Atlas Genius – Back Seat

I think it’s time we all paid a little more attention to Australia. Yes it’s like a 24-hour plane ride away, but come on! They have super sexy accents, they invented Outback Steak House, they got koala bears AND kangaroos, and if Gotye, Empire of the Sun, Clubfeet, and Cut Copy are any indication, the indie music scene Down Under is on the up. One of my favorite examples of this Aussie uprising is Atlas Genius, who today released the official video for “Back Seat,” a track off their debut EP Through the Glass. When we covered it back in May, it was the track’s infectiously, dreamily chill beat that caught our ears, but now its the visual accompaniment—an aptly laid back montage of attractive Australian 20-somethings partying summer-style, canoodling with each other, and basically looking attractive—that has convinced us to pack up our duffel bags, put another shrimp on the barbie, and check out the video above for the fourteenth time in a row.

STREAM: Atlas Genius – “Back Seat”

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