Video | February 18, 2014
Badboxes – The Mystery

Northern pop trio Badboxes have been hustling since the release of their JSMN EP this time last year. The latest to come from their camp is a video for “The Mystery,” a beautiful visual companion to the simple, uncharted sound they have achieved.

The video is a monochromatic glimpse into a sci-fi future in which robots are marginalized by humankind (but still ride kickass retro motorcycles). Imagine I, Robot meets Daft Punk meets Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive, but with cascading synths and a powerfully smooth saxophone lick. I’m not exactly sure why our mechanical protagonist is getting beaten up in the video, but if I had to guess I’d say the humans are jealous of that dope glowing face mask.

“The Mystery” has the production quality you’d expect from massive international acts. Although the bar for future videos has been set pretty high, we’re sure Badboxes won’t have any problem matching it again. Watch the video above and make sure to grab the deluxe edition of JSMN on iTunes.