| December 2, 2011
Bandana Splits – Sometimes

The Bandana Splits are a new face in the already retro-obsessed, nostalgia-soaked indie music sea. But while other bands stuff their songs with ironic vintage postering and an “I’m too cool for post-post-modernity” attitude, this Brooklyn three-piece embrace a decade even less cool than today. Yes, The Bandana Splits are looking so blatantly backward, they seem invigoratingly garden fresh.

Rejecting the aesthetic time-traveling of their fellow hipsters (who long for neon and synths, or for grunge and plaid, or for silly, sentimental back-to-the-land movements), the Bandana Splits opt instead to pay homage to a decade when conservative values were even more entrenched in society, and when suburbia was even more cookie-cutter. Yes, their gorgeous, sugar-dusted Pleasantville-doo-wop reminds us that quirky derivation can be both beautiful and really, really fun. Check out the video for their hit “Sometimes” above to see what I’m talking about.

Also, their Morrissey cover below is quite exceptional.

MP3: The Bandana Splits – “Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey cover)”

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