| March 3, 2011
Beach Bros: Dirty Beaches, Beach Fossils, Sonny and the Sunsets,
and more…

If District residents are anything like me, they’re itching for more 70 degree days complete with sun, beer, and lawn sports. I know, I know, you’re thinking: all this dude blogs about is Cut Copy and summertime sunshine. Well I’m sorry but I write what I live and I live what I love. Get over it.

Since the Weather Gods blessed us a couple Fridays ago, the meteorological conditions have been mediocre at best, mostly tempting us humans with slightly bearable barometric conditions, spoiling any semblance of good weather with gale-force gusts. But things may be on the up and up; we’re looking to hit 60 degrees a couple times this week.

So in the spirit of the impending summer season, and all things warm weather, I’ve assembled a package of bands and songs with titles derivative of our favorite season, in order to help usher in the glory days of sun and sand. Hazy and lo-fi, jagged, dense, and obtuse, or July 4th appropriate Americana, here are some tunes to help you daydream about wearing short shorts and no shirt on a sultry summer night. Enjoy…

MP3: Beach Fossils – “Calyer”
MP3: Beach House – “Wedding Bell”
MP3: Sonny and the Sunsets – “I Wanna Do It”
MP3: Wavves – “King of the Beach”
MP3: Dirty Beaches – “Lord Knows Best”
MP3: Beachwood Sparks – “The Sun Surrounds Me”