| March 6, 2014
Beach House – Saturn Song


It turns out that Beach House and space go together more or less perfectly. Beach House’s “Saturn Song” is a part of the Lefse Records Space Project compilation, supposedly utilizing recordings from the Voyager space probes, and once it starts it makes plenty of sense. Beach House’s use of deep dreamy synths and Victoria Legrand’s otherworldly vocals come together to create something vivid. A gentle guitar riff and dripping keyboard loop are in and out of the song as well. Legrand’s singing is put through various effects to the point that it almost sounds like another synth, or as if she is singing through a telephone. The lyrics are fit for the isolation of deep space, as she croons, “I just don’t matter / Out on my own.” There may not be a beach in space, but there is Beach House, who utilize the Voyager space probe audio so well on this song that it is indistinguishable from their own sounds.

Check out Beach House’s “Saturn Song” below, and look for Space Project from Lefse Records, out April 19th via Lefse.

STREAM: Beach House – “Saturn Song”