| October 22, 2012
Ben Howard – The Fear (Moonlight Matters Rework)

Rising Belgian producer Sebastiaan Vandevoorde – formerly Villa, currently Moonlight Matters – has just put together a great rework of popular UK singer-songwriter Ben Howard’s uplifting track “The Fear”. This is a rare instance of acoustic guitar and four-on-the-floor dance production coming together in a way that sounds not at all unnatural and actually very good. The song revolves around Howard’s bombastic, percussive guitar riffs, offset by understated bowed strings, slap bass and some upbeat drums – a formula that sort of reminds me of this beloved 90s classic. The lyrics deliver a simple but sincere message that everyone can relate to: don’t let yourself miss out on things just because you’re afraid to give them a go. Preach. Download below.

MP3: Ben Howard – “The Fear (Moonlight Matters Rework)”