| March 27, 2012
Best of SXSW: Haim

We heard a lot about Haim during SXSW this year. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that we ignored the cries of our swollen feet and hauled ourselves to not just two but three of their shows. More likely, however, their infectious ladyrock managed to rise above the noisy city, shredding holes through the rainclouds hanging over Austin to shower us with musical sunshine. Now those clouds have dispersed to the rest of the country, no doubt bringing word of these three talented sisters with them.

Haim’s sound is timeless; one listen and you’ll feel that their songs could fit in any decade. Their performances, raw with overt onstage sexuality, simultaneously channel a timeline of power rock heroines from Janis Joplin to Alanis Morissette. But their songs present a strikingly contemporary concept of what it means to be a strong female that hasn’t quite found a suitable definition–or place–elsewhere in music. They’re frustrated, but not angry. They’re hurt, but let’s not freak out about it. They allow men to make them question their actions, but never to question themselves. They’ll put up with some shit, but hey, also, fuck you, you know? They’ve finally struck the balance between boy-crazy and man-hating that our schizophrenic gender has been searching for. And, to be fair, I imagine it’s something our weary gentleman-friends have been searching for as well. Which is really cool! Thanks, Haim!

Couple this with something I’ve left out–that their songs are as catchier than a venus fly trap–and you’ll see why we’re all really excited about Haim’s undeniably huge future. Grab a couple songs below, and while you’re at, it go ahead and give them your email address here so you don’t waste any time listening to something that’s not their new stuff once it’s available.

MP3: Haim – “Forever”
MP3: Haim – “Better Off”

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