| April 16, 2013
Betty Who – The Movement EP

Betty Who 1

We couldn’t be happier to feature this glistening gem of an EP from Bostonian-by-way-of-Sydney Betty Who. Jess “Betty Who” Newham is a classically trained cellist and songwriter who’s quickly establishing herself stateside as a “new auteur of starry-eyed electro-pop.” Prepare for a barrage of impossibly lush backing arrangements and shimmering top-lines in this remarkably confident debut effort from an artist who’s already caught the eye of Pop On And On, Kings of A&R and Billboard.

What we love most about this EP is that it finds an elusive sweet spot between sun-kissed Katy Perry radio pop and the pure synthwave dance music of 80s revivalists like Mitch Murder, Fm Attack and Diamond Cut. Lead single “Somebody Loves You” and “You’re In Love” tilt more in the former direction, while the rolling bassline and metronomic drum cadences of “High Society” would be right at home in a classic French Touch or nu-disco track.

Lurking behind The Movement’s straightforward hooks and “unironic perkiness” are some seriously good songwriting and instrumental work, thanks in no small part to Jess’ friend and producer, 22-year-old bubblegum electro-pop virtuoso Peter Thomas (of Pulse Recording). This is no flimsy Dr. Luke imitation – Thomas and Newham nod to pop clichés without drowning in them, balancing accessibility with substance and charting some new musical territory. Not many singers could pull off lines like “Chardonnay through the day ’cause we say so” with such infectious, non-cloying enthusiasm, but none of The Movement’s youthful buoyancy comes off as forced or affected. Long story short, this is an earnest and very sharp sounding record that simply feels good.

The self-released EP is out today, and has graciously been made available for streaming and download here.

STREAM: Betty Who – The Movement EP