| July 13, 2012
Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together

New York indie-tronica outfit Black Light Dinner Party, a quartet of anonymous musicians and producers, have quietly rolled out a string of catchy synth-driven singles over the past year or so. A highlight among these is “Older Together,” an earnest reflection on growing up and falling in love. The official video for the song encapsulates these themes nicely with a flood of images that come together to tell the story of a young couple’s romance. The absence of a tidy narrative arc somehow makes the video feel truer to life, reminding us that relationships are built on thousands of tiny little everyday moments, not just the big grand gestures of storybooks and John Cusack movies. You can catch Black Light Dinner Party at DC9 on July 20th – tickets are available here.

MP3: Black Light Dinner Party – “Older Together”