Video | January 31, 2017
Bob Dylan covers Frank Sinatra’s “I Could Have Told You”, from latest album ‘Triplicate’.

Bob Dylan 1

A connection between two of the most iconic artists of the past century has been made. Bob Dylan‘s latest record Triplicate is actually his first three disc set, out March 31st on his longtime home label Columbia, and features 30 takes on classic Americana. But now we’re talking about his cover of “I Could Have Told You”, one of those classic Frank Sinatra tracks that has been breaking hearts for decades. Dylan channels that pain in the voice of Old Blue Eyes and breaks down to a simpler and tearful arrangement, while telling the story of getting blinded by the brilliant light of love, then destroyed by the sneaking around behind one’s back. It’s one of those that takes a whole mental shelf, complete with the vision of the needle bouncing along a record captured here. Listen below.