| September 14, 2012
Body Language – Lose My Head

If you’ve ever carried on a semblance of a conversation with someone unfamiliar with your language, you know what an amazing phenomenon body language is. Sharpen up your facial expressions and hand movements and it’s like you’re living on Pangea, suddenly allied countrymen with all the world’s miscellany. Brooklyn-based experimental outfit Body Language embodies this concept of universality; if you played their new single “Lose My Head” at a U.N. meeting, every delegate would end up on the floor drinking champagne and joyfully dancing with envoys they were sent there to destroy. It’s like the song version of a secret handshake between Stevie Nicks and Neil Armstrong. There’s some theory that 93 percent of human communication is body language and only 7 percent the words themselves. “Lose My Head” makes me wish 93% of music were Body Language.

Body Language’s new EP Grammar drops September 18th on Om/Lavish Habits.

STREAM: Body Language – “Lose My Head”

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