| March 2, 2012
Bon Iver – Towers

Fresh off his recent Grammy victories (much to the dismay of most of America),  ATG darlings Bon Iver are back with the stunning new video for “Towers,” the standout track from Justin Vernon’s self-titled sophomore effort. The video, shot and directed by Nabil Elderkin, follows a weathered old man who sets out to build a tower, travelling across environmentally-protected lands in Washington state. Elderkin does his best to capture the breathtaking beauty of the countryside, which is mostly Native American-preserved. “When Justin [Vernon] sent me a breakdown of what certain parts/lines of the song meant to him I did my best to decode it and curate into something simple, and hopefully the viewer can take from it their own feeling of what the towers represent,” said Elderkin. The only thing that rivals the dark, rolling landscapes in terms of emotion is the track itself; a track bursting at the seams with a mixture of nostalgia, regret, and love. The track, and video, are just further proof that Bonnie Bear haters are missing out.

Watch the video above, and listen to Vernon and friends play “Towers” live at 9:30 Club back in August of last year below.

MP3: Bon Iver – “Towers (Live @ 9:30 Club)”

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