| September 27, 2012
Born Gold – Sky Bicycle

If you’re into that whole glitch-pop thing, recently popularized by the likes of Purity Ring, you might want to check out Born Gold. Both members of Purity Ring, in fact, got their start in the off-kilter dance project’s predecessor Gobble Gobble. Frontman Cecil Frena has since changed the group’s name to Born Gold, and is set to release a sophomore effort, Little Sleepwalker. It has been a year since Frena has released anything under the Born Gold moniker, so it’s good to hear that he’s still up to his old glitchy tricks with “Sky Bicycle.” This time the hooks groove and get a bit moodier, while the beats remain as frantic as ever.  At its heart, though, “Sky Bicycle” is pop through and through. Keep an eye out for Little Sleepwalker via Audraglint Records on October 23rd.

MP3:  Born Gold – “Sky Bicycle”