| September 13, 2012
Breakbot – Another Dawn (Ft. Irfane)

We’ve been waiting for Breakbot’s debut album with the kind of jumpy anticipation we haven’t felt since our 8th grade selves glued our eyes to a very specific screenname on our AIM buddy lists waiting for that earth-shattering “hey” to light up the computer. The French DJ may have his away message up until the release of By Your Side on September 17, but he must have DeadAIM because he’s still chatting with us and sending love in the form of a new single, “Another Dawn.” The track features Breakbot’s partner in crime Irfane and starts off as sad and smooth as a rain drop sliding down the window of your apartment. Fortunately the dawn comes before the raindrop hits the gutter, and the song ends like a drop of morning dew sparkling with all the potential of a new day. Or, a new AOL buddy. Or, a new album. Whatever.

Breakbot is also making Robin Hood look like a scrooge with the generosity he’s showing, dropping not only “Another Dawn” but also a new video for “One Out Of Two.” Catch it here and just try to sit tight for his next move, or go chat with Smarterchild.

STREAM: Breakbot – “Another Dawn (feat. Irfane)”