Introducing | May 7, 2014
Brightside – Jetpacks

There will always be a place for…hmm…overtly emotional guitar-based music here on ATG, so when a passionate coterie of tenderfoot youngins catches our ears by cranking up the sentimentality along with the amps, we can’t help but take notice. Make no mistake, Pittsburgh ensemble Brightside have not simply arrived to cash in on the “emo revival” or whatever. They prove that they’ve got real (thin) skin in the game on “Jetpacks,” a song that namelessly checks the forebears of emotional rock music alongside the more obvious pop punk influences. The plaintive naivety of early Built To Spill and the unapologetically melodic melodies of Wheatus can be heard, and do those bendy notes early on in the song count as shouts out to Modest Mouse?

Whatever, don’t worry about overthinking it — that’s my job. Just sit back, relax, and feel the feelz. And then go listen to something emotionally numbing and absent of pathos if the feelz get too realz. And if you decide it’s okay after all to feel the feelz and you want to feelz them all, snag their upcoming LP Now and Loud, available digitally May 19th via Broken World.