Video | August 16, 2017
Brockhampton have a few words for the crowd in “JUNKY”

Brockhampton Junky 1

Los Angeles hip hop collective Brockhampton has been cranking them out – most recently, “JUNKY” – another elaborate video of absurdist social commentary that graces today’s pages. Directed again by young rapper Kevin Abstract, “Junky” listens almost like a confession, or coming out track with a few backhands for critics. Calling out those in the closet with lines like “Why don’t you take that mask off // That’s the thought I had last night”,  answering irritating questions from the crowd like “Why you always rap about being gay?”.  Hypocritical dudes on the prowl aren’t off the hook, either. Kevin has another message for the community at large. Open those ears and minds, people.

Their second record, Saturation II, is out August 25th via self-release. Watch below.