| February 18, 2013
Broke – Let The Youth Go Mad (Ft. MO)

“Let The Youth Go Mad,” the latest track off the Danish evil-electronica duo Broke‘s Lifestyle Mixtape, is a full-on industrial assault of the highest order. Vocals come courtesy of everyone’s new darling , whose petulant, kittenish rap burns slow in the verses -– think Uffie on sizzurp -– then rips through the screaming chorus, claws out and ready to make you bleed. The track is an addictive study in contrasts, dropping back to entrance you, then exploding out of nothing with its teenage scream -– and all the while, the menacing synth rolls back and forth like a nightmare digital tide. This is music for excess, for when when it’s Fuck-You February in your soul.

Broke’s Lifestyle Mixtape is available for download on their website via Fake Diamond Records.

STREAM: Broke – “Let The Youth Go Mad (Feat. MØ)”

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